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Goal Getters, it’s time to submit

Let’s talk goals.

It’s the end of the month, so tomorrow is the time to get your snap into Instagram and/or Twitter to show how you’ve gone with this month’s goal.

If you’re new to the Goal Getter Challenge, feel free to jump on board. Each month, we set a goal for ourselves. At the end of the month, snap a picture that shows how you’re progressing, and yep, there’s a dorky hashtag – #goalgetter2013.

In February, mine was to run 5km in 24 minutes or less.

I had one attempt when I ran a virtual 5km for Kyle’s Crusade (check out Lisa at Run Wiki for details on that).

24:20 – it was just a little irritating!

So today, I decided it was time to try again. No way in hell was I going to leave my February goal at that.

Here’s what happened today:

A new PR; 40 secs faster, and GOAL

It’s been a good day! 

I’d still love to get faster, and I think it’s do-able. There’s more in the tank AND after all that talk about iron, my iron is still crazy low, so with any luck that’ll help. Right? Right?

…also, and mainly to my fellow #goalgetter co-conspirators, my gym is currently holding their own goal getter challenge. We were totally first.


And March?

I asked Mr The Rake what my goal should be.


More sleep


Like, start a sleep journal and keep track of how many hours I’m getting?


That would ruin it. …what about less gym, more wine?


Then he put his headphones back on.

Fine. I’ll have my own goal. With blackjack and hookers.

In March, I want to nail an outdoor tempo run. I’ve really been relying on the treadie far too much!



Today’s Moment

Not running related, but I just headed to a business networking meeting. Everyone was really lovely, and it was exactly what I needed!


Your Turn!

How have you gone with your February goals?
What’s your goal for March?
What is your favourite distance to run?

The tempo-interval, a cruel beast.


I went blog hopping this evening before writing my post, and I have to have an impromptu ‘best post introduction’ award – Rachel, at Busy Mama Fitness, smashed it out of the park today. On shaving her armpits?

I used to be able to go a week between shaving my armpits and now within a day, it’s ‘Trouble with Tribbles’ under there

Winning. Go check out the full post (this chick runs!).

So where did we leave off before I got lost in a sea of small children who can’t read or talk good? Oh yeah – lol, YOLO. Don’t EVER say that in public. Unless you’re the Lonely Island. And not the bad kind with palm trees and Gilligan.




Since Saturday, I have discovered a new breed of speed training: the tempo interval. 

What the hell? There’s tempo, and there’s intervals. Both are evil. So when yesterday’s program called for ‘tempo intervals’ of 10 min tempos and 2 min recovery jogs, it seemed a little bit rough. Especially first thing in the morning.

As it turns out, it’s the world’s best workout. A nasty tempo – with the sweet relief that a normal tempo relentlessly denies.

Want to give it a shot? Do 10 mins, just above your tempo pace, followed by a 2 min recovery jog. Repeat 3-4 times. (f you want to check out your times, or figure out the right tempo pace for you, try the MacMillan Calculator).

There will be sweat...

There will be sweat…

I covered about 8km in 40 mins, and holy wow was it a good workout.

So, we’ve rambled on and now we’re here. I thought I missed the point of this post, but there it is – go try Satan’s favourite new trick - tempo intervals.



Today’s moment:

Major confession time. I spent an hour or so this morning playing neopets. I think  I have a problem.


Your Turn!

Have you ever tried tempo intervals?
What’s the worst workout you’ve done?

YOLO killed my mother

You say alcohol, I say run

Mr The Rake likes to talk about alcohol as the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems. Like the dag I am, I think running is way better. The problems? Beware the injured runner. BUT you get the endorphin rush of an awesome, awesome workout. And you can casually drop into conversation that you’re just heading out or a lazy 20km, and people look at you with respect (or or begin to back away slowly).

Kate before Fartlek training

Do not mess with the run

This morning is a case in point. I have been feeling like shit all week. Everything’s been difficult, and the whole sleeping thing isn’t really working out for me.

So this morning, I decided to run 2 laps of the bay. If you don’t happen to live within 2km of my house, that means that I ran about 17km. And the rain was torrential. At some points the combination of wind and rain was so bad that I was running with my eyes shut. Can you just picture me there, on the bridge, running blindly into a headwind? Hot stuff. My soaked-through shorts were enjoying gravity as much as Yogi Bear loves a picnic.

Rain = no humidity, so it was the best run I’ve had in ages. And over 1 1/2 hours, the world’s woes cease to mean very much.

In sum; go run.


I am so sorry

To everyone who finds my blog by random search. It does, however, give us the chance to laugh at the things people search for. Over the past few weeks, people found Run with Kate by searching:

  • coca cola shin splints
  • drive thru bottle shop
  • fat rhinos running
  • hardcore onesies for men (I’m sorry, but that is an oxymoron. Fail).
  • he’s gone because I’m busy (now I feel like a seriously bad girlfriend!)
  • rake brochure (bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha)
  • sexual run group
  • yolo killed my mother




Because it’s Saturday. And here are some brilliant bloggers to help you along. If you’re looking for something new in the health and fitness department, here are some of my favourites:


Stay all positive and sunshiney with Candy Fit – she’s all about lifting.

For runners, Cait Chock cannot be beat on runner knowledge. Get tips and awesome artwork.

Toronto Runner just lights up my life. Way too much positive energy there. And a budding marathoner!

Amy nourishes you – mind, body and soul. Get ridiculously tasty recipes with some runner love.

Want to laugh? Tri-Girl has a unique way of explaining her triathlon adventures.

Hollie cracks me up. Check out her very real approach to blogging life as a runner.

There are so many blogs out there to love. These are by no means the only ones to try. Every now and then, I’ll post a few more of my favourites.


Today’s Moment

Lazy rain running.


Your turn!

What are some of your favourite blogs?
When was the last time running solved your woes?
Does running cause problems, or just solve them?
Alcohol or a run?

Vent it!


Well, it turns out you’re all a bunch of runner addicts.

While there was a bit of humming about how cross training is great for you, the general consensus was that

Get in the way of my run and I will hit you with this stick I found keep next to my bed along with my machine gun, baseball bat and prosthet…

So yeah. We like our run. And Mr The Rake knows just how grouchy I get when I have a rest day.


Sadly, running doesn’t always get rid of frustration. So instead, I took it out on the guy who called me from Canada to sell his ‘somewhat different’ and very expensive unlimited google ad clicks after finding that my tutoring company was sadly ranking on the third page in google for the keywords ‘teenage counselling’.

After 40 minutes, I still had no idea what they were selling, and they couldn’t understand why I didn’t want teenage counselling to rank higher on google.

I also explained that their business model wasn’t particularly kind or nurturing, and that they needed to spend more time listening to the values of their customers. Or cold callees. At the end of the call, both the manager and I had thoroughly vented ourselves clean.

And someone had to pay for him to spend time on that call. Winning.

In sum, on a stressful day, you need a 10km run AND a telemarketer to provide cheap counselling.

What’s something you want to get off your chest? 

Personally, I can’t stand it when people say ‘ok’ after every 6 words. Especially when they’re explaining something you really didn’t want explained.

I also can’t handle the men who stand at traffic lights and try to wipe your windscreen. They give me great anxiety.

Also hats in the back windows of cars.

And pot plants. If it can’t survive on its own, it doesn’t deserve to live.



Today’s Moment

Violet Crumble Chocolate.



Your Turn!

Do you run for stress relief?
What’s your favourite way to deal with frustration?
Did you run today?


Winner – and a runner question


Well, as usual by this time in the week, I am swamped! So here are the highlights:



Amy, congratulations – Get Yourself Back in Motion is headed your way!

And how did she win? We had 6 comments, and the first draw was 5:


Sadly, Mindy isn’t eligible. Sorry Mindy! But thanks for commenting. It made me smile.

So the next number was 6:



Amy, a copy is coming to you. Don’t tell the others – they’ll get jealous.

Your Turn!

I’m running tomorrow morning, and I haven’t since Sunday. So, do tell me -

How often each week do you run? What’s the longest gap you leave between runs?

Personally – I needed a break!