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U B Safe Now

Wow. A lot of you had some really great comments on running on an empty stomach.

In the ‘don’t eat’ camp - my Dad thinks it helps you get faster, especially when getting faster over shorter distances. Kayla reckons I’ll get used to it. Cristina seems to think it’s no biggie (tough apparently she’s an almond butter fiend!) and she’s a crazy triathlete, so if she can do it, I can :-P


In the ‘feed me’ column are my Auntie Mardi, who I really seem to take after when running, and Abby, who seems to be more similar to my normal routine – food but not too much.


Stupid body – why can’t it just do what I want it to?


The U-B-Safe 1

Ok, so check out this nifty device:


From the website

Any clues as to what it does?

Imagine it on a hat or headband; or, as I did, on your running tank.

This little thing measures your exposure to UV, and tells you when you’ve had your daily dose. It turns out that my daily dose is often long before I would like it to be!

UB Safe 1

See how I have mine on ’2′? It means that my skin-type is just slightly more hardy than ‘always burn’.

You can reset it every day so that it records your daily dose for your skin type. The idea is that once it starts beeping (it sings), you head inside away from those nasty UV rays and potential skin cancer. Given the disturbing rate of melanoma in Australia, the idea is brilliant. It prevents cancer.

The U-B-Safe-1 is solar-powered, and clips on to a hat or headband. Personally, I don’t wear a hat running (I can hear you tsssking) so I tried it out on my headband and on my tank instead. The solar panels are at the top, so the less obstruction there is, the better.

The good news is that it’s easy to use, requires no effort or upkeep, is water-resistant, and helps you to monitor your exposure to dangerous rays.

On the downside, wearing it on your hat does make you look like a bit of a tool – but being sun safe doesn’t revolve around fashion!

More importantly, I, like many runners, am neurotic and will never end my run for anyone. Not for dogs. Not for wet weather. Not for hills. Not for lack of footpath. Not for tired legs. And not, not, not, for a little device that beeps at the turn-around point of a 10km run. When you’re 5km from home, there’s just no going inside. So I knew I’d had my share of UV, and yet my only real option was to turn off the thing and keep running. Not particularly helpful – or healthy.

And, as an aside, it too me ages to figure out why I could hear something beeping. I stopped and checked my watch at least 5 times before I remembered I was wearing the device!

Don’t get me wrong, this thing is brilliant. If you’re someone who spend a lot of time in the sun, it’s well worth it. Details are on the website.

However, neurotic runners be warned – are you really going to listen to it?

*I was given the U-B-Safe-1 to try, for free. I wasn’t paid, but I was given a run-down on its benefits and uses. And I really do think it’s great ;-)



Finally, it’s the last day of the month – so head over to the Goal Getter challenge and get those goals up on instagram.

Tomorrow I am going to feature a couple of goals, and hopefully we can inspire each other to keep ‘em coming! On the last day of each month, tag a picture with #goalgetter2013 on instagram, and share what you’ve achieved. 

In January, my goal was to get faster. At the moment, I run a 10km at a 12km/hr pace (5 mins/km).

This is last week’s tempo:


I’m getting faster!



Your Turn!

What was your goal for January?
Have you achieved it?
Would you use the U-B-Safe-1?
How do you protect yourself from the sun?


Up and Running

Ms Runner Mommy and Ms Marathon Girl, I got my medal for the virtual half marathon I did at the end of last year!


I really think blogging helps you to get over any fear you have of seeing photo of yourself…

It’s so pretty! And so lovely of them to organise it all – and send it out to Australia.   Officially, that’s my first ever half marathon. It certainly won’t be my last!

My running group outside the chocolate shop. Best end to a run. Ever.

My running group – the day of the virtual half

However, running has taken on a bit of a change in my life, and I’m really keen to hear what all of you do – or think!

Last time I checked in with you all, my running was going wherever I could fit it – usually in the middle of the day, and frequently on a treadmill. I stand by my treadmill, particularly when the weather or a particular stick workout stands in your way. However – and this is the bit I’m interested in – it uses totally different muscles. The last time I went to see Monsieur le Magic Man chiropractor, he thought  I hadn’t really been running much. If anything, I’d been training more intensely than ever.

Exhibit A:



His advice? To get off the treadmill and back outside.

Combined with a new work routine, and  hot, humid, Sydney summer, the result is that I have been running first thing in the morning.

For me, that means a few new things:

1. Running on an empty stomach

2. Training first thing every day, not just once or twice a week

3. Doing that sticky tempo run outside

4. Getting used to a new routine

I’m such a baby! Running on an empty stomach? Does anyone else notice a huge difference when they do this?

It doesn’t matter how much I had to eat the night before, or how early I leave, my body is really struggling. And in some ways, that’s good – imagine how efficient it will be when I do give it a pre-run banana. The downside is that on this morning’s tempo run, my legs felt like jelly. I actually walked part of the way – I literally had no energy to keep running.

So, dear readers, hit me – what is your running routine, and how have you adapted your schedule?


Your Turn!

Do you run on an empty stomach?
When do you run?
How do you deal with tricky workouts in difficult conditions?
How do you deal with humidity?

Oh hey, yeah, that

I have never gone so long without blogging. I kind of feel like I lost a whole heap of friends for a couple of weeks.

I finally got my shit together, and now I can properly get back into my blogging and social media addiction. Thanks to clearing a back-log of work, getting into regular working hours from today, and giving up one of my one hundred jobs, I am ready to love and offend all of you simultaneously. And frequently.

Oh, and running.

And on that note, the colour run is now only 13 days away! Thanks to the US bloggers I stalk love, I feel like I’ve lived through it a few times. Even still, I imagine there’s somethng very special about the first time you run 5km covered in coloured corn starch. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I ran into a student or their parent out on a run – I must look like a complete moron. Then there’s the whole shouting at dogs thing.

me photos

Exhibit A: Centre picture


Oh, and Mr The Rake? He cool – no break-ups or engagements to account for my lack of communication. He did, however, strongly encourage me to turn off my brain last weekend and head to the coast without doing any work. When Mr The Rake tells me to do something, I know I’ve over-done it. 

Also a mini-golf wizard

Also a mini-golf wizard

To be fair, this is the guy who today put his shorts into a milk crate and couldn’t find them for an hour. For a lawyer, he’s pretty chilled out.

So, I’ve been taking time to work like a crazy lady, and mix in some fun stuff as well – something Miss Candy Fit knows all about.


Big J bought me running socks in the most obnoxious colours he could…

For me, summer is bare legs and mineral water.

For me, summer is bare legs and mineral water.


All of this means you have to catch me up! How are you, and what have you been doing over the past two weeks?

And over the next few days, you can expect a couple of reviews, a fit nut feature, a whole heap of comment love, and some posts on a few big running moments.


Today’s Moment:

My first session tutoring in our new venue. I have the best job in the world.


Your Turn!

What awesome things have happened to you lately?
What’s a little thing in your day that makes you smile (like my colourful socks or fizzy water)?
Are you an on-line addict or do you come and go when it comes to social media?


Hard-core is Boring. Also – Dinosaur Onesie.


Oh man have I missed chatting to all my runner friends online! I’m not going to apologise for not blogging because 1. as if you care whether I blog every day or not, it’s my problem, and 2. Hollie told me not to.

In a nutshell, the problem is this:


Thousands of unread emails and more accounts and folders than I care to count.

This, my dear #goalgetter2013 friends, is why I try to pick the pertinent emails to respond to. And man I wish I could respond to everything!

In Australia, school starts in a week, and all of a sudden…I have work. This crazy running lady now owns a tutoring business, and sleep is for the dead.

However, I’m not totally stupid, and I like to have fun, so I put blogging on the back-burner for the week as I tackled my work life, and spent my spare time hanging out with the people I love the most.

2013-01-13 15.39.34

Mr The Rake took me on a date to the beach. And the mini-golf course!

My eyebrow has an expression of its own. I winder if I just walk around looking incredulous on a daily basis?


And this included going to Melbourne to be with Little J for his 18th birthday.


Little J and Mum about to face the inevitable reality of Jenga

But there was plenty of exercise too. And for me, this week has been a wake-up call when it comes to taking on the world.



I am so freakin’ hard core

This week, I was tempted to complete a ‘hard core’ challenge at my gym – 15km rowing, 80km cycling, and 40km running.

As I headed out for an 18km run yesterday, I realised just how ridiculous I was. Here I was, spending my morning out on the road, instead of enjoying the limited time I had with my family – not working. I had nothing to train for, no-one counting on me, and it wasn’t like I was bored. How stupid. I was forcing myself to run to keep up with a random challenge designed to motivate the unmotivated (there were easy and medium challenges as well).


[Tangent - I have many problems. Motivation is not one of them. 

So 7km in, I stopped, grabbed my phone, and got a lift out of my stupid run. I swear the first 5km were vertical anyway. No-one said anything about hill running.

I quit the challenge. And it was the best decision I’ve made all week. 

Moderation is key right? So long as we just glaze over the fact that Dad and I rode 54km this morning instead of sleeping in.

Yeah, my one cycling top came out. I'm too sexy for my shirt...

Yeah, my one cycling top came out. I’m too sexy for my shirt…



Today’s Moment:

No caption required. This is Big J, my big little brother.


Your Turn!

When have you been proud of quitting?
When is it important to live life rather than run?
Are you guilty of inbox overload?


Time for a quickie?


It’s 1:30am. I love all of you very much and have lots of ridiculous things to discuss with all of you. Advice will be sought!

Tell me – when you only have time for a quick workout, what’s your go-to routine?

Right now, I either hit up squats and cable work or head to the spin bike.


Just because I'm busy doesn't mean i don't love youJust because I'm busy doesn't mean i don't love you