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I caught the bug

Yesterday I sneakily mentioned going for marathon number 2. That was the first time I wrote it on the blog, and the first time it felt serious.

I really do want to do it again. The Sydney Blackmores marathon is in September, and my eyes are on the prize. However – and this is a big however – this cannot be my overwhelming goal for 2013. I want to train for the marathon, and I really want to run it. BUT, if something gets in the way, or if I get injured, then I won’t. I’ll run a different one.

Ready to run

I’m really not sure if that’s a smile or an attempt not to puke.

This time, there is no huge push to raise money for charity. This is for me, and it’s simply because I can.

I am aware that when I was in training, I was crazier than a bag of coked-up snakes. Mr The Rake was extraordinarily unflattering (hard to believe right?!) about Kate in training mode. When he said I would shout at a dog until its skin fell off...that was based on a true story (no, unless the dog has a rare skin disorder, its skin will not fall off, no matter how much shouting it has to take. Trust me, I tested this theory.)

Showering in my clothes

Bring me diet coke. Now.

So after serious discussion within my two-person family, I have decided to go again. This time with a little less stress, better preparation, and less random outbursts of crazy.

Marathoners, I want to know what you do to prepare yourselves? There is no way I’m going to start a training cycle until about April, but I have a lot to learn in the interim. As well as getting my iron count up, I need to strengthen my body to prevent injuries, and I would like to see a nutritionist or sports professional to see if I can balance things better…Mr The Rake has a genuine gripe in that after a long run, I would be as useful as a jellyfish in land for the rest of the day.


There you have it – your thoughts, both positive and negative, are so very welcome!


Your Turn!

What is something you never expected to want to do again?
Is there anything you’ve tried once and will never do again?
Do you have marathon tips?
Have you ever seen a nutritionist? 


Get morbidly obese and fired from my job

Do any of you do New Year’s Resolutions?  I asked Mr The Rake what he thought:

They’re shit-house and no-one ever follows them.


So then I asked him what his would be:

Get morbidly obese and fired from my job. 

I asked him what we were doing for New Year’s, and for once he gave a semi-serious answer:


Point is, while some of us (uh-hm, looking at my other half here) don’t do resolutions, some of us do. Including those frustrating people who take up all the machines at the gym for a week before they get bored, lose all energy because they’ve vowed to give up carbs, and eventually go back to the comfort of their work and vending machines. Otherwise known as the hole from whence they came.


Point is, I do resolutions, and I’m sure some of you do too. So lets talk sport. In addition to drinking half a bottle of this -


I should point out that while I got another bottle of this for Christmas, I’ve had a particularly awesome year when it comes to receiving my favourite bubbly. We don’t just crack a bottle of Veuve or Moet each night!

- I will be writing down my resolutions for 2013. I have a few for running, and I’d love to hear yours too.

1. A 45 minute 10km

2. To race at least one half marathon

3. To begin training for marathon number 2.

Yep. That just happened. I want to do it again.


I have one more to add; one of Mr The Rake’s brighter suggestions -


I promise to try!


Today’s Moment:

Eating Cannelloni for lunch. I haven’t had that for years!


Your Turn!

Do you do resolutions?
What are your fitness goals for 2013?
Do you drink champagne? Do you have expensive taste?
What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? 

The other side


The days after Christmas are like an enforced rest break. They drive me batty. No-one wants to work, so I have no clients to talk to. Who can blame them? I like to play with my new toys too.



What did you all get from Santa? Mr The Rake is tired of giving me back rubs, so Santa Rake got me a massage. And his parents bought me some of my favourite things -


I think 90% of my running gear is from Lorna Jane

And having stuffed myself full of ham on Christmas day, I decided to put my new gear on and make use of the Rake’s parents suburb. It has the world’s biggest hills. So I ran them.

Much to my surprise, I got home to discover I’d run 10km. And enjoyed it.

It’s time for a new plan

After the marathon, I wanted to train for 10km. But I hit a few roadblocks. That’s when I decided to ditch the garmin for awhile. I also began to run for pure pleasure more. But for me, that hill run was a turning point.

We’ll start slowly, I’ve been doing a lot of cycling and very little running this week. However, I realise that I’ve been heading out too fast – rookie mistake! So I got myself the Macmillan Calculator Pro, and along with some help from Jenelle at Mummy Loves to Run, I am al geared up, rested and ready for some much more effective training sessions. Minus the suckiness.

But there was something else dragging me down. I’ve been tired for ages, but after honours and marathoning and three jobs, I figured that was normal. Except for the passing out bit. It was this article from our Arty Runner Chick that got me thinking about iron. Or, more precisely, iron and runners. In a nutshell, she explains that endurance athletes need higher iron stores – we should be in the high range of normal.

From what my Dr explained, ferritin, which indicates stored iron, should be between 15 and 200. I eat meat, and a whole stack of iron rich foods. My level was 9.




Don’t get me wrong, it’s no major drama, but it does help to know there is a reason for feeling a bit shit. So, dear runner friends, pay attention to your iron! I’m now on a liquid supplement and will get checked again in a few weeks.

Right, is there a point?

You bet! The moral of this story is that sometimes running is hard, and sometimes it can take some time to work out what the problem is. In this case, going out way to hard, and depleting my iron stores led me into a bit of a funk. So now you can expect to see me work my way up to Olympic gold.

Can you imagine Mr The Rake’s reaction if I decided to go pro?!

Today’s Moment

Mr The Rake and I watched the Hunger Games. Over the last few days, we have adopted 22 new DVDs and Blu-Rays to watch. I take it back – the post Christmas holiday period is awesome. DVD-alicious, in fact.

Your Turn!

Do you get some down time over the holidays, or is it a time when you ramp up your exercise?
When did you last check your iron?
What did Santa bring?


Amalia the Fit Nut


I hope you all had an incredible Christmas! I had an unplanned break from all things blogging, and now I’m desperate to tell you about all things holiday-running-health related. There were hills, and speed work, and far too much bicycle love…and lots of plans for the New Year.

But for today, I’m handing the blog over to my dear friend Amalia. Amalia is another Sweat Pink chick, and I’ve even guest posted for her.




photo 5 (5)

What is your sport of choice?

Running (Sleeping isn’t a sport unfortunately)

How did you get started?

My friend challenged me to do a 5km race with her May 2012. I was hmming and hawing over it and the competitive person in me decided she couldn’t win and not have me take her up on the challenge. So in the spirit of Barney from HIMYM I texted her back “Challenge Accepted!”

Turned out I trained more than she did but we completed our first 5kms together at the Ottawa Race Weekend in Ottawa. Since then I’ve been hooked.

A memorable moment in your fitness journey?

Having Manfriend and my Mom watch me finish my second 5km which I PRed this past October. It was an epic feeling because I ran alongside a 101 year old man who has set records for marathons and half marathons the world over. Seriously, 101. I don’t even know if I’ll make it that long, but running has to have some longevity benefit.

The other time was being able to go for a 5km run on the beach in Oregon. I never would have been able to experience the gorgeous solitude of the Oregon coast otherwise.

[From Kate: Manfriend is a kindred spirit for Mr The Rake - both share a complete lack of interest in all things running-related, and think pokemon are great...but only the original ones.]


What have you gained from improving your fitness?

Oh my goodness.

I think I wrote a comment on your blog about this a while ago, but this question has good timing. I was thinking about this the other day. 2012 has changed my life – and largely because of running.

I learned I can do things I never thought I could do (like run 5km or even 12km if I wanted to). I have made life changes I was too afraid to make before and even learned to confront some of my biggest fears. I’m also more confident, and pretty sure I stick to things for longer to (I’m known for having somewhat of a short attention span!). I’m also pursuing my dream of being a Paramedic because I know that my body can handle the physical demands now.

photo 4

How often do you exercise each week?

Well. My training happens when my world will let it. By that I mean working 70-80 hours a week November and December at my two jobs means I do one long run a week, planks and situps every morning, and the occasional cross training/run/swim in the middle of the week. When things calm down after my half marathon I am hoping to settle into a real schedule. But for now it is what it is and I’m happy to make time whatever way I can.

Favourite piece of equipment?

I just got it, but its my Garmin. I haven’t even used it yet!

Favourite fuel?


I am obsessed with…

Pretzel MnM’s

Your current fitness goal?

This is going to sound crazy (but what runner isn’t crazy?) but other than finishing my half marathon in one piece (and before 3 hours and 30 minutes when the fancy little golf cart picks you up because you’re taking too long) I want to look hot at my best friend’s wedding. Mainly because I haven’t seen these people in a couple years and secondly because one of the guys who broke my heart a while ago will be there. I’d like him to see what he’s missing. Bwahahaha.

Oh, and there’s a whole bucket list of fitness goals to accomplish before I’m 25 on my blog (that’s next June btw!)

photo 2

Advice to newbies in your sport?

You may feel like a fool at first (I did) but stick to a neighbourhood route and when running in front of cars gets intimidating just think “At least I’m moving faster than they are and not sitting on my butt”

And listen to lights, pay attention, stay aware. Cars come from everywhere!

Best way to contact you?

My email address is  The other way to contact me is via my twitter, @ama_liab. I have my phone pretty much attached to my hip for work, and it is driving Manfriend nuts. So you can pretty much guarantee, unless I’m sleeping I’ll answer!


Thanks Amalia! I bet you’ve used that Garmin now – how do you like it?Ad waht on earth are Sharkies? Anyone from the North care to fill me in?!


Your Turn!

Questions for Amalia?
Does the fact that Amalia works 80 hour weeks inspire you to make time for exercise?
How was your training over the Christmas holiday?


Will race for bike parts


So yesterday, this happened

Champagne trumps posting. And after an afternoon of mountain bike riding, it didn’t take long to be enjoying the effects of my bubbly. Exercise will make you a cheap drunk. True fact.


The bike

Oh wait, back up – I went mountain bike riding. After swearing never to do it again. Superman took me out to the Blue Mountains to convince me that it was much more fun than I thought.

He was right.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to be doing it again soon. I’ll leave that to the experts.

Which segues neatly into this:

Superman, also known as Jason, is riding his mountain bike for eight days next year. Across Mongolia. Talk about a New Year’s resolution! The best bit is that he is supporting a charity called Bikes 4 Life. These guys take donations in bike parts, tidy up old bikes, build new ones from old parts, and ship them off to those in need. Very, very cool. Jason has just started a Facebook page to document his adventures, and I know he’d appreciate all the likes he can get! Kudos to a man who wants to ride across Mongolia AND pack shipping containers full of bikes in his spare time. 



The day before that…

On Saturday, Superman rode and Superwoman ran with my running group. I ran a virtual half marathon.

This was a twitter challenge designed by @marathongrl71 and @runnermommy2008. The race was set up so that all participants ran 21.1km at any time on 22 December. In Australia, we were first up. (And by the way, the world still hasn’t ended – I think we’re ok. Sincerely, the future – anyone need a new calendar for Christmas?) With a 5:55am start time, I was one of the first to get going.

My running group outside the chocolate shop. Best end to a run. Ever.

This was the first virtual race I’d run, and it was a little odd. At first, it felt like a training run – except for the bits where I stopped to check my directions.

AND a map in my pocket. I am hopeless.

And sleepy people collecting their newspapers at 6am love seeing a girl with a camelbak smashing her way down a suburban footpath. I got ‘the look’ more than once.

My running group were meeting at a ferry wharf near Olympic Park, planning to run about 12km, and then eating a heap of chocolate at the gourmet chocolate cafe we were finishing at. So I extended it. I ran the 11km from home to meet them, and then continued on.

Here’s the thing though – it wasn’t the world’s best run. I’m not so worried about the time, but I had heavy legs, and I did stop the watch a few times – at traffic lights (there weren’t many), once to stretch out my poor battered legs, once when I met up with the group, and a couple of times when I got lost.

The purist OCD maniac in me wanted to run it like a real race, where stopping is NOT an option. It’s ok though, the watch got me back in the end. It conked out at 20km. Or I thought it had. So I stopped and tried to reset it. 6 minutes later, the ‘ding’ for 21km rang out. Until then, each km was about 5:30. 21km was 6:16. I was FURIOUS. Mr Garmin nearly found himself floating away to New Zealand. I had so wanted to come in under 1:55.

Thankfully, chocolate cured all my woes, and the virtual half is done.

Fondue. That is all.

Who’s planning the next one?


Mental Monday

Finally, I can’t leave without some Christmas Eve Mental Monday goodness.

Mental Monday

This one has a twist though. It’s Christmas Eve, so I’m not going to put a negative in. Instead – here’s my Mental Monday Moment: Even in a new city, with a new home, new routine, and a completely new job, I find myself surrounded by amazing people and a zillion things to do.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

You Turn!

Have you ever run a virtual race?
Would you ride across Mongolia?
What is your Mental Monday Moment?