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Wordless Wednesday


Your Turn!

Right now, these 7 pictures show my collision of worlds – runner meets reluctant academic in a race to the finish line. 
What 7 words represent you and your different worlds/personalities?


Running in the Rain and something from Usana…

Running to, or running from?

A little while ago, Cait Chock posted something that really resonated with me. When we run, do we run away from something, or toward something? It’s a glass half-full type question.

It also really got to me today. I stumbled home from a long session at the library, put my brightest purple running top on, and headed out for a 5-7km, utimed, watchless run. At the time, I was running away from my work, and from my tiredness. Looking back, I began to run toward strength, and hope, and FUN.


The idea was just to get out, enjoy the run, and have a break!

Naturally I started off by heading in the wrong direction and did a loop of our block before I headed out on my planned route. On my first step, the weather was warm and comfortable. On the third, it was beginning to spit. As I tuned my first corner, lightening flashed, and a few minutes later, I was drenched.

I loved every second of it. Lead legs, thesis brain and all.

My 5km turned into 6km, and 7km, and then nearly 10km, as I kept powering on to the next landmark. I even passed a cyclist huddling under a bridge to keep dry. As I came back, I asked if he was ok. I got a double thumbs up -

I’m drier than you. 

No shit.

Maybe he was just enjoying the mascara running down my face (I’m a lazy runner when it comes to preparation!). He applauded as I went past, and I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Le’s Talk Diet

You’ve probably gathered that over the last week or so, mine has consisted of sugar, yogurt and Coke Zero. Not great, but it’ll do for now. I think Jill was amused when I told her I was going to menu plan asap – but not until I got over my oats/chocolate/carrots/coke thesis week.

However, we runners do need to think about what we’re putting into our bodies, particularly when we’re training. A few weeks before the marathon, I had Mum on my case when I wasn’t feeling quite right. It took some iron and more sodium, but I came good. At that point, I realised just how important it was to get some balance happening!

Soon after I wrote that post, Michelle from Usana contacted me. She suggested that I try the company’s multivitamins. Saying yes was a no-brainer!


My new friends

Recently, Usana released information on the basis of the World Health Organisation reporting that 

15% of non-pregnant women of reproductive age and 12% of pregnant women in Australia are deficient in iron

Usana’s response is not, as most would expect, to suggest an iron supplement. What I have received is a multivitamin that contains no iron, but is designed to help me absorb maximum iron from the food I consume every day.

I’m intrigued by this, and I’m going to give it a try! Twice a day, I will be taking two tablets (four each day) -


A pretty box always seals the deal ;-)

Stay tuned – I’ll let you know what I discover!

Usana provided the sample, but haven’t paid me for this post – or any other! I decided to take up the offer because I’m curious – and I thought you might be too ;-)


Today’s Moment

I ran in the rain. I love running in the rain more than I can possibly express.


Your Turn!

Do you run in the rain?
Have you tried a multivitamin?
How bad does your diet get when you’re stressed/busy/studying? 


A need for speed and coke


Let’s start with the important psychological stuff before moving to the drug references.

It’s Mental Monday.

Mental Monday

So here’s mine

Negative: I have been eating ridiculous quantities of food and the amount of sugar I’m consuming is making me feel like crap.

Work party

Positive: I have had the chance to eat the most incredible food over the last few days, and everything will calm down – enjoy the ride!

What’s your Mental Monday moment? What positive are you choosing as an alternative to that negative thought?



Today was a very important day for me.

It wasn’t feeling satisfied with reaching my printing quota.


It wasn’t my incredible portrait of my friend Mitch at a trivia comp tonight.


Today was my first speed session since taper began, about 5 weeks ago. It is also one of the first treadmill speed sessions I have done since all the injury jazz got in the way. 

When I first started this interval workout, my speed high point was about 14km/h (8.6mph).

Today, I hit 16km/h (9.94mph).

I didn’t have time for the full workout, but I did get in about 6 repetitions. And it felt GOOD.

I haven’t been having the world’s best runs lately, and this fixed everything! I know this is speedy for some of you, and slow for others, but I felt as though I were flying! 


Oh – the coke?

Desperately in need of caffeine

Remember that 24 pack I bought on my walk of shame? This is why :-)


Today’s Moment

We had a work party, and it was my last shift before I move next week. I love the tutors, and it was brilliant to catch up with them outside of work.


Your Turn!

What’s your Mental Monday Moment?
What’s your go-to ‘drug’?
What’s your major challenge this week?


Bear Grylls Giraffe


Turns out the adventure stream was pretty great cross-training! I am covered in scrapes and bruises – massive klutz. Hands up if you know THAT feeling?

I think I was ready for something a little different, and a chance to relax, drink, eat and play was definitely the way to go.

The Human Brochure sign

If you haven’t caught up on the story, I won a free holiday to my own city – Canberra. The idea is that instead of spending money on old-school promotion, the Tourism department decided to find influential people on Social Media. They received 31 000 applications, and picked 500 people to go along. Apparently I was one of them. So Mr The Rake and I spent the weekend climbing things and eating like obese circus folk.


From the top of a mountain in Tidbinbilla

Part of the deal was that we used the #humanbrochure tag (and I am so sorry for Saturday afternoon when Instagram and facebook were linked, and FB received a huge stream of content!) – all of the tagged content was added to the site as a ‘living brochure’.

We also got to feed bears.

Mr The Rake feeding a bear

At the zoo – before it opened to the public for the day

And Cait asked for a zebra ride…

Baby zebra!

Baby zebra!


We saw this giraffe:


Which then went Bear Grylls on us and drank its own urine:


Does YOUR giraffe drink its own piss? That’s what I thought.


Then Mr The Rake and I got to try mountain bike riding.

We went up the mountain – and I laughed at Rake as I missed corners but happily heaved my runner quads uphill.

Mountain biking

We made it to the top…

When it was time to head down again, our guide, Ben, gestured down the slope. A steep and rocky descent. I stopped laughing.

I turned to my neighbours –

Do you guys mind if I head to the back?

I gritted my teeth, I jumped on the bike, headed downwards, skidded, and got off the bike again.

Holy crap. I had to go the whole way down?

I honestly don’t remember the last time I have felt that scared. Embarrassingly, everyone else seemed fine. Mr The Rake flew down and I barely saw him. Instead, I limped along with poor Ben, who was stuck at the rear. He kindly suggested that I relax and put the pedals up, but this highly strung control freak just got more and more tense. When I slipped and fell, I couldn’t hold back the tears.


In hindsight, hilarious.

There I was, with a champion mountain bike rider, being the tough runner chick, and sniffling my way down the fire trail, which Ben very discreetly suggested we take to avoid the bulk of the rocks.

Bike display

I had so much more respect when we watched this AFTER our ride

To Mr The Rake’s credit, he didn’t laugh until we reached the bottom.

A glass of wine at lunch and all was well!

Ready for lunch

At Scope,on the top of Mt Stromlo

And after rolling our way out of lunch and into dinner, all stupidity had been forgotten.

At Soju Girl, we were treated to tasting pates, cocktails, and the best dessert possible – chocolate fondant and peanut butter ice cream. You better believe we found room for it!


The night turned ridiculous when a few of us were pulled out to interview with Yahoo 7 (TV/Online). My plans for a quiet night started with yet another cocktail as we chatted about the Human Brochure concept.




Photographer in the grass

We were all VIPs  - check out our Paparazzi in the grass!

There was a winner in all of this tough. ‘Pulling a Rion’ will now forever mean that guy who managed to get the hotel to cook him an entire frozen pizza, cycled faster than the elites, and then powered-on so hard that when he never made it back to the hotel, he missed the bus.

Naturally, we checked twitter.

Here he is at 11pm:

Should I go to bed, or POWER ON?!#humanbrochure

And again at 3am:

 #humanbrochure these guys are freaking legiiiiit

(complete with picture of Rion, two strangers, and shots).

The most impressive thing? He still managed to use the #humanbrochure tag.

I think he won the brochure.


For the non-Aussies – you’re welcome:


Today’s Moment

See above :-D

Your Turn!

What has happened to you through social media that wouldn’t otherwise have happened?
How do you cross-train?
Do you have a favourite holiday spot?


The less positive -mostly for those interested

in the human brochure concept

*It wasn’t all perfect, but it was hard to be a hater on a free holiday with stupidly large meals, free-slowing booze, spacious rooms, and the odd free gift. Personally, as a big talker, I was thrilled to be around so many people. What I don’t like though, is concealment. While it’s always fun to have an element of surprise, a lot was swept aside or kept deliberately quiet, and that always make me feel like a five year old locked out of the parlour room where the grown-ups play.

Nothing major – but there was a very discreet hustle of a few people who clearly had some kind of VIP status – they were technically part of each ‘stream’ yet were often whisked away from the main activities, and driven off to be given a particular treat – hot air ballooning and special trails were the ones I saw. (Wow, this sounds like a conspiracy theory!). I guess what I’m saying is, treat ‘humans’ like adults, and you’ll have no problem. Let them find out in the playground, and…they’ll behave like it too.

Meeting Chris

This is the title of my post tonight, because although he won’t let himself think he’s that important, Chris absolutely made my night.

Today was the beginning of the Human Brochure weekend. I made my way to the Mantra on Northbourne, a cool five minutes away from home, to check into my room for the weekend. Mr The Rake, ever the workaholic, is still on a bus, on his way…

War Memorial

Flying solo for the War Memorial function

All of my very real #humanbrochure friends have gone drinking, and I intend to join them before the night gets much older. (So dear commenters and bloggers, please forgive me if it takes a day or two to catch up on all my reading).

We spent the evening at the war memorial, as a group. As much as I should have been enjoying the atmosphere, and did enjoy the wine and food, it was the conversation that got to me tonight.


Yes, I’ll take another champagne please

In real life, these people know me as ‘Kate the runner’ – I am @RunwithKate; this is my online persona. This is how I ran into Amy, Craig, Jim, Jesslyn, and oh so many others.

I’m ok with it!


Kate the Runner!

In particular, because it meant that I got to meet Chris. Chris should have been in the adventure stream, but was moved out when it became apparent that his crutches wouldn’t be much help on a bike.

Chris commented on a post of mine a little while ago. He had meant to run the Melbourne Marathon too (and damn freakin’ fast – this guys is competitive!) but only a few days out, was pulled out by injury.

I was devastated when I was facing injury a few months out. A few days out…my heart broke for him. I was lost in conversation when he found me – a true runner, and another runner with a non-running partner.

This is what blogging, social media, running, and this year have led to – an in depth, insightful discussion with one of the best runners I have met.

Red dress

Ready to party – come on Rake!


To all of it.


Your Turn!

Have you ever been lost in a discussion with someone you just met?
Is there anything you’d like to know about the Human Brochure?
What’s on for your weekend?