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Meet the Family

I am gearing up for tomorrow’s long run. 

This was after my 22km. Tomorrow is 27km. Oh dear.

Today, intervals were on the menu, and I have some brilliant photos of my blistered hands from the rower (what runner has blisters on their hands??). 

Unfortunately, I can’t upload the photos due to my lack of technological know-how. So I have something much more entertaining for you.  

*Language Warning* x10

My family are mental. Completely and utterly mental. And it’s been the highlight of my stay in Melbourne.


Meet Little J

Little J is 17, and the quiet type.

Little J

From time to time, he lets other people do the talking.

Like at his deb (Debutante Ball), when he was introduced to the audience as

Jim is fond of wearing pants

He’s also incredibly intelligent. This year he won a principal’s award. As he reached the stage to accept, the presenter read out Little J’s future aspirations

One day, Jim hopes to be the best forklift driver in South Australia


Meet Big J

Big J is 22. His hobbies include Rap Battles and convincing policemen to bring him home in cuffs, just for fun.

I don’t have his permission to post a photo, but his dinner from last night is a starting point to his personality.

Today, he hacked into our mother’s Facebook account.

After Mum got over her horror, she turned on me. I had promised to change the kitty litter, and forgot.


I’ll have to get a new daughter

Big J:

One with an untwistable stomach

I cried. I don’t know why I’ve stayed away for so long.


Today’s Moment

See above.

I take that back. Big J just brought out a megaphone and sat down next to Mum. 


Your Turn!

Do you have a family drama to share?

Spring and an Incredible Reason to Run

Bam – Kate Face


I’m still chilling in Melbourne, running, chasing cats, failing at thesis writing, and wondering about the nutritional content of bananas.

After reading about Krysten today, I’m feeling pretty lucky that my greatest concerns in life are procrastination and banana ambivalence.


A Darwinian Fail

Abby at Back at Square Zero posted today about a woman who has dealt with some crappy genetic cards. Krysten has transformed herself into a running machine, and is about to run a marathon with her ‘robotic’ heart and  new boobs.

Krysten: from

I really is an incredible story, and if it touches you as well, then seriously consider donating to her cause.

In terms of a reason to run, this pretty much takes the cake.



My own love for running is only being improved by the weather.

During yesterday’s meander to the gym, I took some time taking photos (no wonder my battery was dying!). Spring is springing in Melbourne, and t’s such a mood lifter!


Today’s Moment

Today my friends proved how amazing people can be when they support each other. I have had the chance to speak to a few of my fellow international law nut friends today (they’re in Canberra), and they are incredible people.

I particularly want to give Chal (on the right) a virtual hug. Look at that smile! I’m sure she would love some virtual comment hugs as well (she’s fine! Virtual hugs shouldn’t need a reason. Just take my word for it; she’s great!).

International Law Society

Rocking the purple shirts!

Here’s to you, ILS!


Your Turn!

Why do you run?
Do you have an inspiring story to share?
Is it easier for you to run as the weather warms up, or do you prefer the cold? 

Runner Brain

Runner Brain

I have started to distinguish days based on workouts. I have no concept of real time, but I do know that tomorrow is a 7km day. I had one of those two days ago. That makes tomorrow Thursday. So it must be Wednesday.

Flawless logic.

Unfortunately, I can’t blame runner brain on my appalling sense of direction.

Today I walked into town to meet a friend for lunch, and spent some time walking in entirely the opposite direction, despite checking Google, reading a map, and creating my own map before going on the quest.

But then, I walked to the gym.

I may have taken a slight detour. But I was shocked when I found this:

For the first time ever, I had walked in the correct direction. And found my street. Believe me, this is a big deal.

I found it!

I was really relieved, because by this time my phone was dying, and I only got one last shot in. The internet was not an option.

I made it!

As a side note, this gym is bogan-tastic.

Overheard during today’s outing:

Aw yeeeaaa, I’m still hungry bra. I could smash some maccas.

(I’m really hungry and I would love to grab something from McDonalds)

Nah way. That’s so f***in weird ‘ey. I must have lost fat or somethin’

(A guy in dismay after stepping off the scales)


Home is where the toilet paper is

I have been getting to know my mum’s cat.

Unfortunately, I also broke a house rule that I wasn’t yet aware of.

Apparently toilet paper is not to be left on the floor. My bad. 


I can’t find the hole

Capping off my excellent adventure through the toilet paper forest and into the gym, I borrowed Dad’s car to see a friend tonight.

After sitting in the car for a few minutes, I came back, bewildered, key in hand.

I don’t know where to put it 

Mum, Dad and Big J cracked up.

Apparently my father is the proud owner of a keyless start car. Dad came and showed me how to get going. I was unimpressed that he continued to watch as I left the drive.

When I stopped the car and flicked the high-beam on and off, I stopped being unimpressed.

Dad bounded down the road, tapped on the window, reached in, and turned on the headlights for me.



Something Aussie

On a random tangent, while on my trek to the gym, I took this photo for you, my dear non-Australian readers.

Drive through bottle shop


I feel that a drive through bottle shop epitomises Australia. 

Today’s Moment

Meeting up with a friend from lunch. She lived in Canberra until a few weeks ago, and catching up in Melbourne reminds me how small the world really is.

Your Turn

How are you with directions?
If you’re a runner, do you suffer from Runner Brain?
Did you have a dumb moment today? 

Training at the End of the World

This post brought to you from the bottom of the Earth (also known as Melbourne)

I forgot how boring Canberra Airport is. I budgeted 1 ½ hours from my house to boarding. At 9am I had arrived by taxi, checked in, and was sitting in the departure lounge. The flight was at 10:05am.

I am enjoying internet memes far too much

I did get to talk the ears off my taxi driver though. My housemates left early, so  couldn’t get my talking fix, and, shock horror, I wasn’t getting to Melbourne until 11am. Who’s a girl to talk to?!

Things I now know about the taxi driver:

1. He has to get up before 4am to drop people at the airport

2. At 4am, it is virtually impossible to get ice off the windshield

3. He is visiting family in India this year – for the first time in six years

Things he now knows about me:

1. I talk too much

2. It’s been too long since I’ve been to Melbourne and it’s been 9 months and my family live there but I’ve lived in Canberra for 6 years and I study here but I work part time in marketing and I go to the ANU and in Sydney I live close to Parramatta Rd and it’s a really busy road and I feel like a really bad driver and isn’t it strange how things seem different when you go back to visit family and how cold is Canberra and does India stay warm in winter?

3. I talk too much

Things he doesn’t know:

1. I run – I think he’s the only person on earth who doesn’t know this by now.

Yesterday a good friend asked if I blogged so that I got all the running talk out of my system.


Mr The Rake is going to murder me dead next time I tell him, unprompted, about how difficult that run was, or at what point I thought I was going to need extra energy, or how difficult that slight slope after the bridge feels after 8km.

The solution? Blog.

Marathon training will get ya

I’m still learning a whole heap of unexpected things about marathon training. The latest is this intense fatigue. It’s constant and it’s weird. I feel like I’m getting enough sleep, and eating plenty. But I could be out of whack. For years, I was convinced that carbs were evil.

Not so much in marathon training. My love of protein and chocolate may be the problem, so I’ll play around with my food a bit and let you know what happens!

On that note – I have a confession.

I think

I think


I think I might be starting to like bananas.

Look what jumped into my handbag for an airport snack today

Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

On the other hand, as Laura has pointed out, marathon training is just that tiring. Even worse, getting up and heading over to the gym before the cars hit the local shopping centre is a sure sign that I am, as Mr The Rake would say, doing it wrong.

Early morning

Monday morning. 7am. Freezing in Canberra. No cars to be seen (probably because everyone was busy scraping the ice off their windscreens)


Hello Melbourne

My family are pretty great. I arrived home to two boxes of nuts (a gift from Dad), and a cupboard full of vegetables, fruit, yogurt, chocolate, chicken and oats. Heaven.

Naturally I had to run a track that I would run when I lived at home – just to see if it was as difficult as I remember it.

It was not.

I swear that track used to be 6km. Today my watch said it was 3 1/2km. Has someone changed the metric system?

A couple of years ago I ran to the bridge in one go, and it was the biggest effort ever. I was so proud of myself. I did that same run today, and when I hit the bridge, my watch went ‘ding’.



It seems I have become a little fitter.

Getting it done – with a few nasty hills. Why? Why hills?



Today’s Moment

Dad has nuts delivered to me! 2 boxes of Harvest Box were waiting on my bed :-)

Your Turn!

When did you realise you had become a zillion times fitter/more unfit?
What’s the furthest south you’ve ever been?
What’s something nice your parents do for you when you see them?


All of the things. But mostly sleep.

One of Those Days

Mondays are a crazy, hectic mess of all of the things.


So again, it’s a shortish post – my brain is sad. I am in Canberra, tucked up in bed and ready to sleep!

Canberra is where I cram a week’s worth of work/catch-ups into a day, and still annoy people with my inability to meet up with them. Sorry guys!



After my long run, Mr The Rake decided I needed to eat more.

That’s a GIANT Freddo Frog

At least he cares.

After his eggs and bacon shot, he’s started his own portfolio.

I don’t know what this has to do with running, but why not?

He was feeding the plants.

Aside from these happy snaps, I can report that I

1. Did nothing interesting

2. Procrastinated like a boss

3. Ate a lot of yogurt 

4. Drove to Canberra, and continued all of the above


After my long run and a good nap, I still felt like this:

And that’s exactly what I feel like now, so I’m off to bed!

With 49 days until the marathon, can I use training as an excuse to sleep as much as I want?!

Today’s Moment

Today I was in Canberra, and I got to spend my lunch time with a couple of good friends. Hooray for ridiculous conversation :-)


Your Turn!

Are you a Monday person?
What’s your sign that you probably need to eat/go to bed?
What made you smile today? (I check these comments in the morning – so make me smile too, ok?!)