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Kilometres and Cupcakes

Chelsea brought me cupcakes!

I’m on some crazy, happy ‘you can do anything’ high at the moment. Sickening, I know, but let’s go with it for a bit.

Over the last week, training has included:

- A running assessment where I was informed that I need to run lighter, land earlier, and improve hip stability. On Thursday, I get to watch a DVD of myself running like a moron up and down a main road past a bus stop. I also found out that bones take two years to get used to the impact of running. That explains so much! I wish that information was more readily available.

- A hung-over body pump session. Enough said.

- A 50 minute run (yes!) that included a bit of pavement running. I can’t tell you how good this one made me feel. If my Garmin watch didn’t take about 10 minutes to kick in and LIED to me, telling me I’d run 1km in 8.5 minutes, I would totally have taken a picture of it and posted it. As it was, it looks like I ran around 9km, and I was stoked!

- 2 interval sessions on the elliptical and bike. Ouch. All that strength training has paid off, and my butt was on fire as I hit 20kph on the elliptical. Note to self – never forget to take a towel to the gym. Ever. Again.

I have also been desperately finding ways to cover my skin from wint- Canberra. Compression tights for the win. They also make me feel extra sporty. Note also the filthy runners from unexpected puddles and my stupid decision to run in the dark. Anyone know how to wash shoes?


Image description

I also got to have a birthday, which is always fun!

Clearly my running is all I talk about now (sorry!), because my card had a runner in it, and there was a definite theme among the presents. My compression gear came, along with an aqua belt so I can run in the pool. Then, Mr The Rake gave me a bottle of champagne and a relaxation/sports massage package – hells yes! How’s that for balance?!

Image description


I have exams over the next week or so, but while my “crazy, happy ‘you can do anything’ high” continues, I am psyched about getting my ‘moments’ page ready. I want to know what it is that makes you smile. For Chal, it’s ‘unexpected socks’, and for Mr The Rake, it’s a man with a parrot on his shoulder. The little things keep me smiling, and I want to know what it is that grabs your attention! Send me a message or even make a comment, and I’ll include it.




Such a Good Week!

Daisy Bouquet

This week, I was reminded again of why I started this.

Coming home from my run around the park, I ran into a man named Bill, who lives in my neighbourhood. Alongside the inevitable political rant, I got a glimpse into his life. This man is 67, has been divorced for about ten years, is basically homeless, has no one to talk to during the day, and is constantly shut down by dickheads when he goes out of his way to say hi to people. I was so touched that he wanted to have a chat, and it really made his day to speak to someone for awhile. I am always amazed by the simple things that can change someone’s day.

I discovered Sweet Tooth Runner. Wow. This girl has the perfect mix between a love of running and a serious chocolate addiction. A funny, kind-hearted girl with a great blog.

I have been inspired by my lovely friend, Rachel Griffiths, who is running 10km for the MS Fun Run.

My Auntie, Mardi, who added to my collection of moments with this:

When I was out running yesterday Kate – as I ran back around to our street – there was a rainbow over the sea. It was so beautiful. And – the rain didn’t start until I was safely back inside.

Thanks Mardi! I love how you always see the beauty in life.

Miss Emily, who provides a collection of random moments, including:

Image description

My birthday present, which hasn’t arrived yet, but is super, super exciting:

Image description
Image description
  1. I am now hooked on compression tights;
  2. Gloves mean I will no longer have to whimper on my doorstep in the rain finding my keys a the blood starts to creep back into my fingers;
  3. Birthdays are awesome

Post Secret – a weekly must

I ate three kilos of yogurt. In a random flash of I-don’t-know-what, I tweeted this fact. I am now being followed by Wallaby Yogurt. At first I was confused. Then I was excited by the fact that I now know a new, seemingly awesome, brand of yogurt. Then it made sense. Marketing for the win.

I’m currently feeling sorry for myself as I sit on the couch with an almighty hang over. But it’s hard to feel bad when the sun is out, it’s a great day for a run (even if I wait a few hours…), and I’m surrounded by bright, happy flowers that lovely friends gave to me. Mr The Rake has hidden my birthday so I can’t have it until tomorrow. It’s driving me mad. He’s not even going to be here!


Unexpected Inspiration

Yesterday, I had a difficult run. A couple of times, as my legs seized up and my stomach rebelled, I thought about giving it up as a bad job and trying again today. Instead, I tried to focus on a picture I’d seen earlier in the day:

And you know what? It got me through! I ended up running for my full 45 minutes. AND because I was so chuffed at having made it to 40 minutes, I decided I wanted to hit 8km. And I did. Just.

I have faith that the overwhelming desire to vomit is a good thing in those circumstances. No-one prove me otherwise.

So, I got onto the concept of inspiration. Which pretty much sums this site up perfectly. I’m on a happy bender at the moment, and I want to know about all the things that make people smile. For example, my other half, who from now on will be referred to as Mr The Rake (it took me awhile to come up with that – it has two non-offensive but equally awesome meanings), provided this:

“There was a man today in Dick Smith who walked in with a parrot on his shoulder. He wasn’t wearing shoes.” 

Ok, so it doesn’t inspire anything other than an overwhelming desire to get a parrot on the next Talk Like a Pirate Day, but pretty great all the same. (By the way, would love your smiley moments if you can send them my way!).


Image description

The point is, those little things that you often find by accident can actually get you through an entire day, or an entire run, that otherwise would have been crap. I have total respect for those who can find the light every day. For example, the lovely Sarah, who started Plus est en Vous, which lets me start each day with a quote to get me going. Similarly, the words of encouragement I received on Facebook this week had a huge impact on me, and reminded me just how important, and easy, it is to make someone smile – so thanks guys!

Inspiration is defined as:

To stimulate to action. To affect or guide. To stimulate energies, ideals or reverence.

It works on desire for something you’ve already got, and goes deeper than motivation, which merely provides the incentive to act. It’s inspiration that we really want, and it’s inspiration that leads people to achieve the big stuff.

I am surprised at just how easy it can be to draw inspiration from different places, whether from a picture you stumbled across, a sentence you overheard, or some slogan in an ad you saw after dinner. I would love to hear about what inspires you, and what’s gotten you through a tough situation.

I was _____________, and I wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for ____________.




Mmmm Chocolate

I once had a psychologist who explained to me that women were constantly trying to balance everything in their lives. I never feel quite on top of anything, and apparently it’s that constant attempt to find balance, along with my own warped sense of perfectionism, that cause me so much anxiety.

Instead, my mission is to enjoy, healthily, and in moderation. I won’t be giving up sugar. I won’t be giving up alcohol. But I do know that too much of either of those things makes me feel off-balance in a different way, so I try to limit how much I have.

I’m not suggesting getting out the scales!

My theory is that if I run, cycle, walk and hit the gym on a regular basis, continue to eat all the things that I know make my body feel good, like fruits, vegetables, oats, yogurt, lean meat and eggs, then some chocolate is not going to kill me. Sure, I might be slimmer and a more efficient runner if I ate in scientific quantities at the right times of day, cut out all processed and refined food, and hit the gym before breakfast to maximise efficient fat-burning. But that’s just not happening, because:

  1. My boyfriend would kill me;
  2. That’s the kind of obsessive behaviour that leads to eating disorders;
  3. No-one is paying me to do it;
  4. I’m not an elite athlete; and
  5. I don’t want to look like that

Call me old-fashioned, but I’d rather spend time with friends, and eat the birthday cake. Balance for me means making health and fitness a priority, but not so much so that I’ll cancel on a friend to fit in a work-out or pass up a slice of home-made banana bread. Running is great, but so is the rest of life :-)

Some Extra Motivation


Image description

Some days I need something a little extra to get me going. This morning it’s freezing outside, and this helped brighten my day. I hope it helps you too!